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Point of Sale

When it comes to retail software, we have been pioneers in the industry for more than 15 years, with a highly capable, exquisitely experienced team that is continuously adapting to new challenges and embracing new technologies.

Our flagship package is the Point of Sale, an all-in-one retail solution that handles invoicing, manual and automatic discounting, centralized data management, promotional offers, loyalty programs, vouchers / store cards and data security and much more. Businesses benefit from our Point of Sale system by managing and maintaining every aspect of their operations; from the cash register all the way to the back office.

Our POS solution is fully scalable and customizable according to our clients’ requirements. Its central administration, health check monitoring, tight integration with external systems, ability to work in a standalone mode, flexibility and performance are just a few key features of its design.

  • Simplified Business Operations

  • Simplified Accounting

  • Simplified Inventory Management

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction


Point of Sales solutions add value to both business owners and their customers. Effective implementation of POS software will increase efficiency, operations, profits, and customer satisfaction.


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